Why your digital footprint is so important

Over 90% of employers have said that when they are considering someone for a job they will look on the internet to see if they can find out any information before inviting them for an interview.

You need to be aware of your digital footprint. Everything you post online, from Instagram to Snapchat, makes up your digital footprint. It never truly goes away.

Anyone can see information that is public. For example, your Facebook page might be set to private, but if your friend tags you in a photograph it is then public.

You need to ask yourself if a complete stranger looked at your information online, what would they think about you? A poor online profile can stop you from getting a job.

Tips for a strong digital footprint

1. PRIVACY SETTINGS - Be careful about your personal information and privacy settings

2. POSITIVE AND KIND - Ensure that you leave kind and positive comments and be compassionate to others

3. THINK LONG TERM - Imagine yourself in 20 years, when you look back would you be proud of your digital content

4. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SHARE - Less is more. Don’t overshare information. Be careful about what you share, where you share it and with whom you share

5. BE YOURSELF - Be your best self and show what you are passionate about

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