How to handle a job offer

Receiving a job offer can be exciting and sometimes we are so caught up in the moment we forget to ask about the important things. To help you out, we’ve put together some helpful advice.

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An employer will usually make an informal job offer by phone or by email. This is the first step to let you know that you have been successful with your job application.  They will probably sound you out to see how you feel about the job so it's important to be polite and interested.

Ask the employer when you expect to receive the job offer in writing and how long you will have to review it.

Reviewing the job offer

Accepting a job is a big step and you want to make sure it is right for you. If you need more time to think things through, make sure you stay in touch with the employer. The last thing you want them to think is that you’re not interested. 

Before you accept a job offer read through all of the information carefully. If there is any part that you do not understand or need the employer to clarify, contact them directly to discuss the contract. 

If you want better terms (like more money) talk about it with the employer. If you can, it is always good to talk on a face-to-face basis to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Negotiating the terms of an offer is a common part of the job acceptance process. In some instances the salary may be set but if you raise your concerns with the employer they may listen to your request and offer you better terms. 

If the job is something you really want to do give the employer a chance to discuss the terms rather than turning it down without speaking.

Accepting the job offer

1.    Once you're happy with the offer, say yes.

2.    Be timely in your response. Send an email officially accepting the job (see below for a template).

3.    You might need to sign some papers or fill out forms. Do this promptly.

4.    If you were talking to other companies about a job, let them know you've accepted an offer.

5.    Be polite and thankful during the process. It leaves a good impression.

6.    Proof read your response before sending it.

Click this link for an example of how to accept a job

How to turn a job offer down

There are some instances when it might be necessary to turn down a job offer. Maybe you have been offered two jobs at once or you don’t feel this is the right job for you.

You may feel awkward turning down an offer but it is important to let the employer know as soon as possible so that they can find someone else to fill the vacancy. 

1.    Always be polite. You never know if you want to approach the same company in the future.

2.    Always be clear that you are turning down the offer just in case they think you are bargaining for more money.

3.    Tell the employer that you are grateful for the opportunity but the role is not right for you at this time.

Click this link for an example of how to turn down a job

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