Ten Jobs for Teens to consider

If you are trying to find your first job to earn extra cash or gain experience, below are ten jobs for teens to consider.

1.    Baby Sitting or Pet Sitting

A babysitter is responsible for looking after children, watching them play, keeping them safe and getting them to bed on time.

A pet sitter will look after animals and feed them while their owners are away.

Both services are in demand and could lead to some extra income.

2.    Newspaper Delivery

Isle of Man Newspapers are always looking for people to deliver the Courier in their local area. Great for someone who loves being outdoors and enjoys walking.  

3.    Car Washing

Starting a car washing business during the summer is a great way for teens to earn extra money. There are very little start-up costs, you can do it with friends and it can be good fun.

4.    Dishwasher or collecting plates

This is one of those jobs where you feel that you are doing the same work you have to do at home but the difference is you are getting paid.

Wherever there is food or drink being served someone needs to collect the dishes to be washed and to clean the tables.

5.    Tutoring

Are you good at a particular subject in school? Maybe you could offer your services to tutor young students.

6.    Gardening

Offer to help neighbours or family with their garden. Get some experience and then you can start to charge for your services. Weeding, planting and mowing the lawn are all in demand.

7.    Dog Walker

If you love animals this could be the job for you. Dogs need regular exercise and sometimes their owners are not available to take them for their regular walks. This is where you can help.

8.    Sell photos on-line

Are you a keen photographer? Did you know there are sites that sell photos? If someone needs an image for a presentation or a catalogue they buy what is known as a stock photo online.

This means that once you take the photos and upload them to a stock photo website, multiple people can buy the rights to use it, without you having to do additional work. While each photo might only earn you a small amount of money there is usually no limit to how many stock photos someone can put up for sale.

Two of these types of sites include www.istockphoto.com and www.shutterstock.com

Please note that we do not endorse these sites but are providing links for information purposes.

9.    Teaching others how to use technology

Teens know technology better than a lot of adults and if a relative needs to know how to use their computer this can be a great chance to get some extra income.

If anyone you know has a business but isn't familiar with social media this can be a great way to use technical know-how to earn some extra cash.

10.  Take part in online surveys

Did you know that once you reach 14 you could earn money by taking part in surveys online? The average price is around £5 per survey.

Many companies offer money or gift cards in exchange for answering online surveys about new products.

Do I have to pay tax on my earnings?

If you earn more than £14,500 per year (£1,208 as of 2022/2023) per month you will need to pay tax on your earnings.

If you have a part-time job through an employer you will also need to pay national insurance once you reach 16.

If you are unsure and need further help please contact the tax office on Telephone number: 01624 685400

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