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Starting a business allows you to be independent and control in of your work. It can allow you to do something you're passionate about and in the long term have the potential to earn a higher income.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business? 

Whether you've completed the Junior Achievement Company Programme, recently graduated college, or just stepped into the job market, the world of entrepreneurship is calling your name. 

According to a survey by Junior Achievement USA, a whopping 60% of teenagers aspire to kickstart their own businesses instead of going the traditional job route. This is your chance to turn your passion into profit and carve your own path in the world of business! 

Whether you're armed with experience and capital or starting from scratch, the world of entrepreneurship beckons!

Useful links & resources

Below, you'll find useful links and advice ready to guide you on your quest to launch your very own business.

Starting your own business from a young age

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Micro Business Grant Scheme from the Isle of Man Government

Your dreams of launching your own business can be helped by the Micro Business Grant Scheme offered by the Department for Enterprise. 

If you're eager to turn your entrepreneurial vision into reality, read on! 

Introducing the Micro Business Grant Scheme for those aged 16 and above.  Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or have a brand-new venture that's been up and running for less than 18 months, this scheme is your gateway to success. 

If you have a predicted turnover of over £15,000, the Micro Business Grant Scheme is here to fuel your growth and innovation. It's not just about numbers; it's about empowering individuals like you to take that leap into self-employment. 

Ready to seize your chance and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true? Click here for more information Micro Business Start up Scheme

Junior Achievement Company Programme

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own business?

If you are still in education, Junior Achievement will give you the chance to set up and run your own student business in the safety of a school environment. The good news is that you will be supported by a Volunteer Business Mentor.

How it works

  • The programme is open to any Year 12 student. Junior Achievement will visit your school in September to explain how you can take part
  • You get together with a group of like minded students and form your own student company
  • You come with an idea for a product or service and Junior Achievement will show you how to raise the money to get your idea off the ground
  • You run your student business from September to March
  • In March you get the chance to enter your student company into a competition to win 'Student Company of the Year'
  • You get to keep any profit that you make
  • Who knows you might just come up with an idea that you would like to turn into a real life business

To find out more visit the Company Programme website


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