How to build a CV with no work experience

Don't worry if you don't have any work experience yet – everyone has to start somewhere! Creating a CV without work experience is like building a puzzle with the pieces you have.

Let's put it together step by step:

  • Contact Information: Start with your name, phone number, email and maybe your home address.

  • Personal Statement: Write a short paragraph about who you are, what you're interested in and what kind of job you're excited to learn about.

  • Education: List your schools, starting from the most recent. Include the name of the school, the years you attended and any achievements or extracurricular activities.

  • Skills: Think about the things you're good at, even if they're not related to a job. Are you great at organising, using computers or solving problems? List those skills!

  • Projects: If you've done any school projects, hobbies or helped out in your community, mention them. Describe what you did and what you learned.

  • Volunteer Work: If you've done any volunteering, let them know. It shows you care about helping others and being part of a team. Think back about anything you might have done to help a neighbour, family member or friend.

  • Hobbies and Interests: Do you love playing a sport, creating art, coding or reading? Sharing your interests can tell employers about your passions and personality.

  • Use the Template: You can use the CV template from Even though you might not have job experience, you can fill in the sections with your education, skills and other great stuff.

  • Remember, your CV is like your own unique story. It's not just about paid work – it's about who you are, what you're excited about and what you're good at.

  • Everyone loves a  motivated person who's ready to learn and grow. So go ahead, show employers your potential and keep building your story.

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