What is a CV?

Ever heard of something called a CV? It's actually just another way of saying "Curriculum Vitae" which is a Latin phrase that means "course of life". In simple words, a CV is like a mini-story about you and your work experience.

It’s like writing a short book about your career adventures, education and special skills. Why is this mini-book important? When you want to join a new company, your CV will prove to an employer why they should pick you.

Employers read many CVs. If you make your CV stand out, you are more likely to get a chance to talk to them in person – that's called an interview!

Here's the trick: Even though we are great at a lot of things, we're not always good at saying how great we are. Talking about ourselves can feel a bit weird but a good CV is your chance to do just that!

We are not saying you should make stuff up or pretend to be someone else. Just take a moment, sit down and think about all the things that make you the perfect person for the job.

You can use this website to help create your CV using our template. You can change it anytime or store different copies. When you're ready to apply for a job, you can download it and share it with employers.

Build your CV now

So remember, your CV is like a magical key to job opportunities. It's your chance to show everyone why you're right for the job.

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