Trainee Developer

In this role, you will write and debug code learning and apply different programming languages.

Day-to-day Tasks

  1. Making Computer Programs:
    - Create computer programs to help businesses.
  2. Fixing Mistakes in Code:
    - Find and repair mistakes (bugs) in the programs.
  3. Testing and Helping After Programs Start:
    - Check if the programs work, put them into action, and support them once they're running.
  4. Using Best Coding Practices:
    - Write code in the best way possible, following the rules.
  5. Working with Other Developers:
    - Team up with other people who make programs.
  6. Keeping Programs Running Smoothly:
    - Take care of programs to make sure they keep working well.

Skills required

  • Some knowledge /experience of a programming language
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Willingness to take instruction and a desire to learn new skills
  • Strong written skills to ensure effective documentation
  • Strong organisation skills

Industry qualifications

  • Ideally a qualification in an IT related subject such as:
    • Level 3 Certificate in Programming
    • CompTIA IT fundamentals
    • A-level in Computing
    • Higher National Certificate in Computing
    • T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development
  • Specific vendor or language based qualifications such as: .NET, C#, Javascript, Microsoft qualifications, Cisco DevNet

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