Network Engineer

In this role, you will design, maintain and support a highly available network and effective network operation. 

Responsibilities or Duties

 Building and Updating Internet Systems:

  1. Create, install, and make internet systems better.
    - Make sure only the right people can use certain parts and keep things safe from internet "fires."
  2. Managing User Accounts and Security:
    - Set up who can use the internet and protect it with digital walls.
    - Fix any problems that pop up while people are using the internet.
  3. Finding and Fixing Problems:
    - Discover and repair issues when things aren't working smoothly on the internet.
  4. Sharing Reports and Ideas:
    - Tell others how to make the internet work even better with reports and suggestions.
  5. Coordinating Fixes:
    - Work with a team to put in place changes that make the internet work smoother and avoid problems.
  6. Helping with Technical Knowledge:
    - Use your tech skills to make sure things are done right on the internet.
  7. Watching for Patterns and Trends:
    - Keep an eye on how the internet is used and find out if there are any regular problems.
  8. Planning Big Internet Systems:
    - Make plans for really big and complicated internet systems, making sure they work well and are safe.

Industry qualifications

  • Cisco or Juniper qualifications CCNA/P, JNCIA/P, JNCIE
  • CompTIA Network+

 Skills required

  • Proven experience in a network support position or similar
  • Good understanding of computer systems – hardware,  software, networks and cyber security
  • Understanding of network operations and support systems
  • Understanding of monitoring systems and management tools
  • Strong technical and problem-solving skills with the ability to work under pressure
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal

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