Data Centre Technician

In this role, you will be part of a team looking after Data Centre infrastructure

Responsibilities or Duties

  1. Setting up and Fixing Computers:
    - Put together and take care of computers and the internet in a big storage place (data center).
    - Make sure everything works well and is safe from bad things.
  2. Helping People with Tech Problems:
    - Support others when they have problems with computers.
    - Work with a team to keep everything running smoothly.
  3. Fixing Things Quickly and Keeping Records:
    - Quickly repair things when they break.
    - Write down what's happening and how you fixed it.
    - Share reports on what's going on with the computers.

Skills required

  • Good understanding of computer systems – hardware, software, networks and ideally Data Centre infrastructure
  • Some understanding of network operations and support systems
  • Understanding of monitoring systems and management tools
  • Strong technical and problem-solving skills with the ability to work under pressure
  • Good attention to detail and strong at following processes
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal
  • Strong organisational skills with the ability to prioritise tasks
  • Ability to work independently

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