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Manx BirdLife is the independent wildlife conservation charity based in the Isle of Man working to protect, restore and enhance the Island’s wild bird populations and the habitats on which they depend.

The Point of Ayre National Reserve is a 105ha reserve at the tip of the isle of Man where Manx BirdLife are Reclaiming an industrial wasteland for nature.  While it may seem that the best wildlife watching places are left wild, it takes a lot of hard to ensure they are in optimal condition for nature, so we are looking for a team of volunteers to help us do this on our reserve.

As a Practical reserve volunteer the tasks you will undertake will depend on the time of year, just some of the activities you might be asked to help with will include cutting and clearing vegetation, maintaining and managing tools and equipment and creating and maintaining visitor infrastructure, such as paths and screens.

This role is flexible and we understand that your time is valuable.  Currently, our Reserve Manager has work parties on the third Sunday of each month and you are welcome to join them as often as you can.

This is a really rewarding and enjoyable role. You will be working with a friendly team helping to shape this unique nature reserve for wildlife and people, but you will need some level of fitness to take part.  Not all tasks are strenuous, but you will need to be able to carry out a reasonable level of physical. 

If you enjoy being outdoors, then this role could be the perfect opportunity for you to get out, keep your fitness levels high, as well as helping your mental health and wellbeing. 

You will be making a genuine contribution to nature conservation, and you might find it rewarding to safeguard nature in the area you are working to protect. 

We are a friendly and supportive team, so you might make new friends too. If you are volunteering to learn new skills and gain knowledge about wildlife conservation work, you will find that our team will be more than happy to help you on that journey.

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Flexible but preferably 4 hours a month

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