Sales Person

The role of a salesperson is important in helping customers find the right product or service.

A good salesperson should be able to communicate, listen and ask questions to help the customer find something that will suit their needs.

It is important to have good product knowledge so that you can explain to customers the features and benefits. You may do this on a face-to-face basis or over the telephone.

It can be an extremely satisfying role to know that you have made the customer happy by helping them find the right product or service.

Day-to-day Tasks

  • welcoming new customers
  • talking to customers to find out what they are looking for
  • making recommendations and explaining the features and benefits
  • have a good product knowledge
  • taking payments from customers and placing orders
  • helping with other duties retail duties if you work in a store
  • administrative duties if you are dealing with customers on-line

Skills & Knowledge 

  • good communication both written and verbal
  • excellent customer service
  • professionalism
  • sales abilities and not afraid to approach or speak to customers
  • decision making
  • problem solving to help find solutions for customers
  • multi tasking – for example whilst processing an order you will have a friendly conversation with the customer

Industry qualifications

Many sales representatives receive on-the-job training.

Some sales positions may require specialised training, depending on the industry. 

For example, a real estate sales representative may work under the supervision of a more experienced agent to learn about the field. There are also seminars and training workshops that sales representatives can attend to develop skills that pertain directly to their market or products.

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