Customer Service Representative

In this role, you will support customers by answering questions, solving problems and handling orders.

You may communicate with the customer face-to-face, over the phone, through instant messaging or via email.

Day-to-Day tasks

  • answer customer questions verbally or in writing
  • respond to customer complaints, comments and reviews
  • resolve issues and provide support if you are dealing with technical products or services
  • process customer orders and deal with refunds
  • keep an accurate record of customer interactions in writing to be able to go back and review
  • share information about your product or services with customers
  • provide excellent customer service

Industry qualifications

Employers will have their own set requirements although usually you are not required to hold a specific qualification in cashiering.

Skills required

  • skills required to be a customer service representative
  • good digital skills to answer communications
  • product knowledge and you need to be able to answer any questions
  • problem-solving to able to handle complaints
  • multi-tasking
  • good communication skills both written and verbal
  • able to build relationships with customers so that they will return or recommend your service to others
  • it is important to be empathetic to customers so that you can understand how they are feeling so that you can resolve any problems satisfactorily

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