Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultants can play a pivotal role in helping employers to find the right candidate for the right job, in either temporary employment or permanent work.

Working as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant can provide an excellent opportunity to gain many skills, including communication, organisation, problem solving, negotiation, empathy, relationship building and commercial decision making, in a varied, fast paced and rewarding work environment.

What do Recruiters do: as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, you may work for a Recruitment Agency (which is a business hired by companies and organisations to find suitable employees) or you work as an In-House Recruiter (recruiting for just one business).

From interviewing job seekers to discussing job vacancies with employers and making successful matches/introductions, you can work as part of a busy team in identifying, attracting and placing talented people with employers. 

With comprehensive training, you can develop your knowledge and skills to gain valuable insights into the recruitment industry and jobs market within which you operate.

Day-to-day duties

  • speak to job seekers over the phone and face-to-face to see if they are suitable match for the employers you are recruiting for
  • develop and build relationships with employers so that you can understand the type of person who best fits into their organisation
  • use a database to find people suitable for the vacancies that you are trying to fill
  • co-ordinate interviews between job seekers and employers
  • help both the job seeker and the employer in negotiating employment offers, considering factors such as compensation, benefits, and career growth opportunities
  • maintain accurate records of all dealing with job seekers and employers
  • stay updated on recruitment best practices, legal guidelines and industry advancements to enhance your skills and knowledge.


  • excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for engaging with candidates, clients, and colleagues effectively
  • the ability to build rapport, establish relationships and interact professionally with a diverse range of individuals
  • recruitment can be demanding, so a high level of motivation, resilience and the ability to thrive under pressure
  • must be able to work within a team
  • managing a lot of details and keeping accurate records
  • comfortable in using different types of software
  • it is useful if you have worked in a customer-facing role
  • you will be required to handle sensitive candidate and client information.

Industry qualifications

Each employer will have their own specific requirements for qualifications. If you are interested in becoming a Recruitment Consultant, your employer may support you to get a qualification with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. 

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