Events Manager

Events managers coordinate and organise events, from planning and organising to overseeing logistics, ensuring that occasions like weddings, conferences, or festivals run smoothly and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Day-to-day tasks

In this job you will:

  • discuss what type of event the client wants
  • come up with original ideas for events
  • agree budgets and timescales with the client
  • research venues, contacts and suppliers and negotiate prices
  • book venues, entertainment, equipment and supplies
  • hire and supervise contractors like caterers and security
  • oversee the design of publicity material and promote events
  • sell exhibition stand space and arrange sponsorship deals
  • follow health, safety and insurance regulations
  • make sure everything runs smoothly on the day

Skills and Knowledge

  • strong organisational and multitasking abilities for handling various aspects of event planning.
  • creativity to contribute fresh ideas to event concepts and themes
  • teamwork to work cohesively with fellow events coordinators and professionals
  • learning to use event management tools and stay updated on industry trends

Industry Qualifications

If you're thinking about becoming an Events Manager, you don't necessarily need a specific degree. You can start by organising small events or helping out at school functions. Practice planning and coordinating different activities.

It may be an advantage if you have a foundation degree or higher national diploma in one of the following subjects:

  • events management
  • marketing
  • communications
  • hospitality management
  • leisure and tourism
  • business management

Some people learn by doing, and you can gain experience by volunteering or getting internships. As you get more experienced, you might work on bigger events and learn how to handle all the details. Being organised, creative, and good with people is super important in this job!

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