Trainee Lawyer

Envisage a rewarding jobl, high quality work and variety.  If you’re interested in a career in law, keep reading.

Day-to-day Tasks

It really depends on the type of law you choose to work in but generally, you can expect to

  • draft confidential letters, contracts and legal documents
  • work with clients to develop and understand of their needs
  • ensure that you co-ordinate with and update colleagues on the progress of a case
  • take instructions from other lawyers or clients including suggesting, recommending and drafting documents
  • manage caseloads and keep accurate records
  • ensure that maintain internal policies and procedures
  • keep up to date knowledge of the law, both locally and internationally
  • review documents prepared by other lawyers and provide comments where necessary
  • opening case files, managing files and close case files upon completion. Send closed files to archives for safekeeping

Skills & Knowledge

  • attention to detail
  • confidence and ability to challenge when necessary
  • knowledgeable
  • time management skills
  • excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • academically inclined
  • discipline to continuously develop in your area of expertise
  • team player
  • ability to work autonomously
  • ambitious in nature

Industry Qualifications

To become a lawyer, you will need a strong academics at A-Level and degree level.

How to get there

There are various routes to becoming a lawyer on the Isle of Man, as follows:

A Law Degree

Following completion of your A-Levels, you have chosen to attend university to complete a law degree. Once you have completed this, you are ready to take on a training contract. A law degree will take you 3 years to complete followed by a two-year training contract with a firm, known as “Articles”. During your training contract you will sit the Manx Bar Exams which admits you as a Manx Advocate.

Non-Law Degree

Following completion of your A-Levels, you have chosen to do any degree of your choice. Most degrees typically take 3 years to complete. Following this, you then opt to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law, or better known as the GDL, which will take you 1 year to complete.

Following this you then secure a training contract and sit the Manx Bar Exams in order to qualify as a Manx Advocate.

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