User Experience (UX) Designer

In this role, you will research to understand users to create effective websites, applications, and software to meet their needs.

Responsibilities or Duties

  1. Planning How Things Look and Work:
    - Work with a team to decide how things should look and work for users.
  2. Understanding Needs and Writing Stories:
    - Learn what the business and users need and write stories about it.
  3. Creating Sample Designs:
    - Make models (prototypes) to show how your ideas will work.
  4. Teamwork with Developers, Designers, and Others:
    - Work closely with different people like developers, designers, and others in the team.
  5. Giving Clear Instructions:
    - Write clear instructions for developers and designers on what the program should do and how it should look.
  6. Working with Visual Designers:
    - Collaborate with designers to make sure what's created matches what users want.
  7. Testing with Users:
    - Check if users like and understand what's created, and present ideas to the team.
  8. Solving Problems:
    - Find issues and suggest ways to fix them to make things better.

Skills required

  • Good understanding of graphic design, visual communication or UX process
  • General knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware and software
  • Strong attention to detail
  • An eye for design and a creative flair
  • Good problem-solving skills and analytical thinking skills
  • Clear communicator, verbal and written
  • Able to work in a team environment

There are no required industry qualifications, but we encourage you to learn about the industry to stay up to date constantly.

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