In this role, you will deliver secure, resilient, well architected technical solutions, ensuring a high level of systems availability, support and maintenance. 

Responsibilities or Duties

  1. Creating Computer Programs:
    - Make computer programs that help businesses do what they need.
    - Plan and estimate how long it will take to make these programs.
  2. Following Coding Rules:
    - Write code using the best rules to make sure it works well and is safe.
    - Fix any mistakes (bugs) in the code.
  3. Testing and Supporting:
    - Test the programs to make sure they work correctly.
    - Help put the programs into action and fix any problems that come up.
    - Work with a team to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  4. Taking Care of Programs:
    - Keep an eye on the programs even after they're up and running.
    - Make sure they stay working well and help if there are any issues.

Skills required

  • Strong skills in a range of development languages and tools
  • Minimum 2 years development experience
  • Practical experience of source control and build tools
  • Good written skills to ensure applications are comprehensively documented
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience working within project management structures and principles

Industry qualifications

  • Degree Qualified or work based apprenticeship
  • Vendor qualifications such as Microsoft, Cisco DevNet etc

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