Fraud Prevention Officer

When customers open up an account with an online gaming company, its the role of the Fraud Prevention Officer to make sure the customer details are genuine. 

Day-to-day Tasks

  • make sure a customer isn't using illegal funds to gamble with
  • constantly looking for new methods to outsmart any criminal activity
  • keeps an eye on payments made by customers to spot any fraudulent activity
  • writes detailed reports about any cheating or dishonest activity
  • talks to customers on the phone and through email
  • helps out the team by giving support and answering questions about fraud and risks

Knowledge and Skills

  • can keep going and do lots of things quickly, especially when things are busy
  • works hard, either on their own or with a team
  • can figure out problems and find good solutions
  • works well even when things get tough
  • great at writing and talking to others
  • knows how to use a computer, especially Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • interested in learning about fraud and risk

Industry Qualifications

As you progress through your career in compliance, you will most likely take qualifications whilst you are working. One of the most common qualifications is the International Compliance Association qualifications

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