Casino Coordinator

Casino Coordinators sit in the operations department of a gaming company. They ensure that the online casino games are working and they are also responsible for coordinating new game launches.

Day-to-day Tasks

  • run the everyday tasks of the online casino to make sure customers are happy
  • get new games and promotions ready for launch, making sure everything is good to go
  • keep in touch with people and companies, making sure agreements are in place and things happen when they should
  • work with the marketing team to come up with campaigns that tell people about the online casino
  • look at important numbers like how many people are playing and if customers are happy
  • take care of customer service, answering questions and fixing problems in a nice and quick way

Skills and Knowledge

  • open to learning new things
  • good at keeping things organised and talking to others
  • can work on their own and know what tasks are most important
  • smart at figuring out problems and thinking things through
  • knows the rules and requirements for the industry

Industry Qualifications

Whilst there are no formal qualifications for this role there is ample opportunity to learn on the job by attending training, conferences and events. Each company will have its preferred ongoing professional training programs.

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