Affiliate Executive

An affiliate executive in online gaming works with other people and companies (like online creators) to encourage people to go to online gaming site for their company. Just like brands using Tiktok, creators to promote their products, this is very similar to how affiliates work in online gaming! 

Day-to-day Tasks

  • assist experienced affiliate executives in finding potential partner companies and content creators and then negotiating deals
  • learning about different affiliate marketing strategies, trends, and what makes a successful partnership
  • communicating with affiliates to ensure positive relationships.
  • working with your wider affiliate marketing team to improve partnerships and get more customers

Skills and Knowledge

  • creativity to develop unique and visually appealing content ideas
  • be able to use content creation tools and social media platforms
  • able to use initiative and think outside the box
  • teamwork to work with fellow content creators and marketing professionals
  • learning to use analytics to understand audience behaviour and preferences

Industry Qualifications

 You don't need a special degree if you want to be an affiliate executive. You can begin by learning about affiliate marketing and how it works. Practice by trying out different strategies and seeing what works best. Some people teach themselves online or learn through experience. As you get more skilled, you might work with various affiliate programs and find new ways to promote products. Being creative and staying updated on the latest marketing trends is key in this role!

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