Social Media - Digital Content Creator

Social media and digital content creators craft engaging and shareable online content, utilizing platforms like Instagram, TikTok or YouTube to connect with audiences by producing videos, images and captions that are entertaining, informative or inspiring.

Day-to-day Tasks

  • understanding the dynamic landscape of social media and its impact on digital storytelling
  • coming up with ideas and producing engaging content for social channels
  • learning about content creation tools, trends and audience analytics
  • analysing data to understand what resonates with your social media audience
  • communicating visually and creatively to convey messages effectively
  • collaborating with your content creation team to enhance brand presence on social media

Skills and Knowledge 

  • creativity to come up with unique and visually appealing content ideas
  • be able to use content creation tools and social media platforms
  • teamwork to work together well with fellow content creators and marketing professionals
  • learning to use analytics to understand audience behavior and preferences 

Industry Qualifications

 If you want to be a social media executive/ content creator, you don't necessarily need a specific degree. You can start by getting to know social media platforms well and practising creating engaging posts. Some people learn by doing, and you can even teach yourself online. As you get more experienced, you might work with different social media tools and strategies. Being creative and keeping up with the latest trends is important in this job!

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