Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use their artistic and technical skills to create visually appealing designs for various purposes, such as logos, advertisements and websites, employing creativity and digital tools to convey messages effectively and captivate audiences.

Day-to-day Tasks

  • understanding the power of design and how it influences perception and communication
  • assist experienced graphic designers in creating various visual materials, such as logos, posters and websites
  • learning about design principles, tools and software
  • analysing client needs and translating them into visual concepts
  • communicating visually to convey messages effectively
  • collaborating with your creative team to bring designs to life

Skills and Knowledge

  • creativity to develop unique and appealing visual concepts
  • proficiency in design software for precise and practical design
  • teamwork to collaborate seamlessly with clients, colleagues and creative teams
  • learning to use technology and design tools effectively

Industry Qualifications

There are various ways to enter this field. You can enrol in a course, teach yourself, gain valuable work experience through internships, or consider an apprenticeship. Sometimes, all it takes is a personal connection within the industry to unlock opportunities and kick-start your career.

 You could take a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree in a design related subject like:

  • graphic design
  • art and design
  • communication design
  • illustration

No matter your chosen path, a solid understanding of design techniques is crucial. Consider taking a short course in Adobe software, reading design books and magazines, and watching tutorials. Most importantly, keep practising and honing your skills.

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