Fine Artist

Fine artists create visual art, such as paintings, sculptures or drawings, expressing their creativity and individual perspectives to evoke emotions, provoke thought or simply bring beauty and inspiration to the world.

Day-to-day tasks

  • work from your own ideas or a commission from an individual or an organisation.
  • sell your work through an agent or through galleries, exhibitions, shops or online.
  • research subjects, materials and new artistic techniques.

Skills and Knowledge

  • knowledge of the fine arts
  • the ability to work well with your hands
  • design skills and knowledge
  • thinking and reasoning skills

Industry Qualifications

You can get into this job through a university or college course, or self-teaching

You could train by doing a degree in:

  • art and design
  • art history
  • fine art
  • visual arts
  • graphic arts

If you're exceptionally talented and have taught yourself, you may be able sell your work without formal training or qualifications.

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