Drone Pilot

Drone pilots operate unmanned aerial vehicles, capturing aerial footage or data for various purposes such as photography, surveying, or monitoring, utilizing remote-controlled drones to navigate and collect information from the air.

Most drone pilots work on a self-employed basis.

Day-to-day Task

  • plan flight paths
  • test flight equipment
  • carry out aerial surveys and gather digital images and data
  • maintain and repair drones
  • produce maps based on flight data
  • work with other professionals to interpret data

Skills and Knowledge

  • knowledge of media production and communication

Industry Qualifications

You could complete training which includes subjects such as air regulations, flight safety and flight planning.

You must apply to the Isle of Man CAA for a licence to fly a drone

If you are flying a small unmanned aircraft (including radio-controlled model aircraft and multi-rotor drones), you must always do so safely. Like any aircraft, small unmanned aircraft (‘SUA’) can pose a hazard to other aircraft and also to people and property on the ground. It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are designed to keep everyone safe. Please note that the UK and European SUA regulations do not apply on the Isle of Man.

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