Insurance Underwriter

Day-to-day Tasks

  • understanding what risks are and how they affect insurance.
  • assisting experienced underwriters in evaluating insurance applications and policies.
  • analyzing information to determine the right coverage and pricing.
  • learning about different types of insurance, like cars, home, or health.
  • communicating clearly and accurately about insurance terms and decisions.
  • working as part of a team to make sure insurance is fair and helps people when they need it.

 Skills and Knowledge

  • analytical skills to assess risks and make good insurance choices.
  • attention to detail to create accurate insurance policies.
  • effective communication to explain insurance terms and decisions.
  • teamwork to work with others in the insurance industry.
  • learning to use insurance software and tools.
  • understanding insurance laws and regulations.

 Industry Qualifications

You may be able to join an insurance company as a junior underwriter and work your way up by doing qualifications on the job, for example, like those offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

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